The third step (since 2015)

TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources

The main direction of the company activity finally becomes defined in this stage. Performance of functions of the general contractor providing services to the investors, production companies and governments of the countries, which implement projects and programmes related to the use of a wide range of natural resources: energy (oil, gas, solid fossil fuels, alternative energy sources), minerals (ore, non-ore and production waste), water (underground and surface waters) and land resources.

In view of the above and taking into account world trends in effective and rational use of natural resources, on January 15, 2015 a rebranding of the company was carried out; the service company NADRA Group was renamed to the TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources.

During the operating period of the service company NADRA Group, it became clear that the company’s access on the service markets of countries with a large volume of energy, mineral, water and land resources is almost impossible. In the large markets, throughout many years, the large global companies were working and have established themselves (Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, SGG VERITAS and others) and competing with them is a heavy and long-term process. Markets of countries with a small volume of energy, mineral, water and land resources, to which Ukraine belongs, are less interesting for large global companies and are open to small and medium-sized service companies. At the same time, with small volumes of the service market in such countries, it is inappropriate to purchase equipment and create local service companies, since the volume of orders often does not allow even to reimburse the cost of equipment.

The most expedient is to work on such markets in the format of TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources, involving to the work participants of affiliate network. Work in many countries with a small market of service works creates for TUTKOVSKY partners the projects and programs interesting because of their scopes and volumes.

Confidence in the correctness of the chosen business strategy is based on the experience gained during the previous stages of development of the company affiliated with TUTKOVSKY PLC service providers and products and knowledge of the needs of consumers.

The experience in management of projects related to the use of natural resources includes a selection, geological and economic assessment and investment analysis of licensed blocks in the North Africa and Middle East on order of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine. Data collection and analysis of 126 Ukrainian oil and gas fields for the International audit of oil and gas reserves. It also includes the management of its own project related to the exploration and production of hard recoverable gas reserves in Transcarpathian region.

The experience in providing of integrated services for projects related to the exploration and use of natural resources includes the performance of the field geophysical survey: about 5,000 sq. km of 3D land seismic data acquisition, 17,300 linear kilometres of 2D land seismic data acquisition and more than 1,000 of gravity and magnetic surveys as well as 35 Vertical Seismic Profiling projects. The well logging and well services performed in more than 300 open hole and 150 cased hole wells. Operating experience on offshore platforms within Ukrainian waters of the shelf of the Black and Azov Seas. The performance of the geological-geophysical data processing and interpretation: 5,400 linear km of 2D and 15,000 sq. km 3D seismic data. There were compiled and certified more than 350 reports related to the geological study, estimation and auditing of reserves including creation of porosity and permeability models of oil and gas fields, geological and economic evaluation of mineral raw materials, consulting and other researches; creation of 5 permanent hydrodynamic models of oil and gas fields.

The experience in production and supply of materials and equipment for projects related to the exploration and use of natural resources is obtained while supplying products of 98 Ukrainian enterprises to oil and gas companies in Russia and Turkmenistan; manufacturing and supply of more than 1,500 well logging tools to companies in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Colombia, Turkmenistan and other countries. The development and supply of the modular digital integrated tool string, software and hardware complexes of array acoustic log to control the hydraulic fracturing, digital inclinometric tools - gyroscopes. The production of 15 sets of heavy drilling rigs and 60 well workover rigs as well as 618 module-type constructions (mobile housing units).

Most of these projects involved independent service and product providers and established partnerships with numerous customers. These suppliers and customers, together with the enterprises affiliated with TUTKOVSKY PLC, formed the basis of a partnership network of the participants of the TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources.

The experience of educational and scientific network communications is important for the formation of the hub. Over 1,600 professionals from 100 companies participated in the training programs and seminars of Tutkovsky Institute. Experts of TUTKOVSKY published 517 scientific articles, 11 monographs, patented 34 inventions. The 43 quarterly issues of the scientific journal «Geologist of Ukraine» and 3 issues of the «Tutkovsky Institute Collection of scientific papers» were produced. 75 scientific conferences have been organized, which were attended by more than two thousand specialists.

Thus, having gained all the experience of JSC Nadra, including organizational one - Ukrainian Foreign Economic Oil and Gas Corporation "Ukrzarubizhnaftogaz", and Nadra Group, today TUTKOVSKY has become a business platform for many of its partners, and the first implemented projects within the hub have confirmed the effectiveness of its business strategy. The priorities for further development of the hub are broad international partnership and high-tech solutions - the best world-wide technologies!

In accordance with international standards, a new corporate hub structure is being developed with the determination of the role of partner enterprises, there are developed a project management system, international accounting, and TUTKOVSKY software products for current automation processes in the International Hub of Natural Resources TUTKOVSKY, etc.

Organization of business in the format of an international hub allows TUTKOVSKY to set up system network cooperation to integrate the experience and production capacities of individual enterprises, promoting their high-tech products and services to meet the needs of customers.

TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources conducts large scale marketing researches and becomes a partner of major projects around the world.

The parent company TUTKOVSKY PLC began to reduce its own production activity in order to avoid the competition between partners of TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources for the participation in projects. Since that time TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources works for the benefit of all partner companies, and not only of its own affiliated production companies. Affiliated production companies that remain in the ownership of TUTKOVSKY PLC continue to operate having no advantages in participating in hub projects towards other hub partners.

TUTKOVSKY organizes performance of each project in the most efficient way for the client: optimizing the structure and the course of its implementation, providing the client not only the services of the highest world level and solving most complex tasks, but also full responsibility for the result of both, for certain stages and for project in whole.

Milestones of the third stage

2015 The Geological-Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation Centre was established in India (c. Delhi) with engagement of specialists from India. Implementation of 2D seismic data processing projects within the framework of a promising Tripula oil and gas unit commissioned by Jubilant Oil & Gas PVT LTD and 3D within Jaisalmer oilfield and Kadi-Sanand Oil and Gas Complex, upon order of Focus Energy LTD and Syntex Oil & Gas LTD, respectively.
2015 Manufacturing and supply of 4 sets of high-pressure and temperature resistant open hole well logging tools to SOCAR (Azerbaijan).
2015 With the efforts of company partner consortium created by TUTKOVSKY, 350 ton drilling rig was manufactured and delivered to Colombia (model: PR1500T-AC-W).
2015 Test processing of 3D seismic data (Supsa Shromisubani) commissioned by Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation with application of software products of leading world software providers.
2015 Conducting geophysical surveys and works in wells on order of Ukrainian companies - PJSC "State Joint Stock Company "Chornomornaftogaz", BU "Ukrburgaz", PJSC "Ukrtransgas", by use of new equipment.
2015 In 2015, Ukrainian Association of Geologists as a valid member of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) joined the implementation of projects under the order of the European Commission within the framework of the program of scientific research and innovations - H2020. The direct contractor of projects from the SSU is Subsidiary Production Unit Expert Council of the Union of Geologists of Ukraine.

Implementation of projects in cooperation with European Federation of Geologists (EFG) under the order of the European Commission within the framework of the program of scientific research and innovations - Horizon 2020.

  • INTRAW is aimed at exchange of experience with Australia, Canada, Japan, South Africa and the United States of America for raw base development of European countries.
  • KINDRA is aimed at accumulation of practical and scientific knowledge related to hydrogeological research.
  • CHPM2030 is aimed at developing a new and potentially breakthrough technological solution that can help meet European energy and strategic metals needs in a single, integrated process.
  • UNEXMIN is research and innovation on inaccessible and flooded mines.
2016 Participation in national and international meetings, conferences and seminars of members of Ukrainian Association of Geologists within agreement with the European Federation of Geologists (EFG): INTRAW Workshop for National Experts on Subsoil Practice in Europe and Africa (2-3 November 2016), workshops on KINDRA, CHPM2030 and UNEXMIN projects for national experts (4, 12, 14 October 2016).
2016 Manufacturing and supply by the consortium of the partner enterprises created by TUTKOVSKY of the stationary drilling rig (model: SL2500T-AC-T) with a lifting capacity of 600 tons by order of Burova Kompaniya Ukrburservis Ltd.
2016 Data collection, analysis, processing and interpretation of 3D seismic materials (Kubashivska sq., Ukraine) on order of Burisma Group.
2016 In order to prevent internal competition in the hub, TUTKOVSKY PLC sells its seismic exploration business in Ukraine to the company Burisma Group (USA).
2016 Performance of well logging and perforating jobs under the Agreements with the companies LLC Energo-Service Company “Esco-Pivnich”, PJSC “Carpathian Department of Geophysical Works”, PE “Poltavske Enterprise of Geophysical Works", Joint Venture Poltava Naftogazovaya Kompaniya, Subsidiaries of PJSC "Ukrgazvydobuvannya" and others by applying technical means and materials of world leading manufacturers, including Halliburton.
2016 Signing of Project Cooperation Agreement with DGE Group (Denmark) to implement projects that demonstrate new opportunities for positive environmental and climate change impacts.
2016 Scientific and technical cooperation with the Hungarian company Geoinform Well Services Ltd to increase the efficiency and quality of demonstration, research and development projects through the joint use of geophysical equipment and data processing capabilities.
2016 TUTKOVSKY, together with Halliburton, hosted the Technological Day for Ukrainian manufacturing and mining companies on the theme: "Integrated cased hole products and services" (IEC, Kyiv, 12/15/2016).
2017 Conducting a complex of well logging services for PJSC "Ukrgazvydobuvannya", PJSC "Naftogazvydobuvannya", companies of Burisma group and Geo Alliance, LLC "Complex geological and geophysical solutions", PJSC "Ukrtransgaz" etc. by applying new appliances of own production and devices of foreign partner companies.
2017 Implementation of a wide range of project management training programs, MS Project products, as well as student programs for the successful passing of the exam in IPMA - International Project Management Association.

Implementation of TUTKOVSKY software products for current automation processes in the International Hub of Natural Resources TUTKOVSKY:

  1. PRP class system – Project Resource Planning for industrial (material-intensive) enterprises.
  2. PRP class system – Project Resource Planning for service companies (main resources - staff working hours).
  3. Electronic documentation system
2017 PHEI Tutkovsky Institute is the basis for the training program "Training and Project Management Consulting in the Field of Natural Resources Use". There were held first courses for advanced training "Geophysical exploration of wells using modern technologies” (Ukrndihaz, Kharkiv, 19-22 September, 2017).
2017 Presentation of Technological Platform "Implementation of the European Union standards related to effective and balanced use of energy, mineral, water and land resources in Ukraine”, initiated by the Ukrainian Association of Geologists to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the Ukrainian economy by implementing the requirements of the European legislation (related EU directives) in the context of the implementation of provisions of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.
2017 7 December 2017 – 6th Conference of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists was held. The topic of Conference was the creation of the Technological Platform “Implementation of European Union Standards related to the Effective and Balanced Use of Energy, Mineral, Water and Land Resources in Ukraine” and attraction of geological community to the process of the implementation the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.
2017-2018 Participation of the subsidiary Expert Council of Ukrainian Association of Geologists in cooperation with European Federation of Geologists (EFG) in the international project under the order of the European Commission within the framework of the program of scientific research and innovations - Horizon 2020. INFACT - development of exploration technologies, innovative, non-invasive and fully acceptable for a human and environment.


Countries where TUTKOVSKY projects were implemented