Services of the Tutkovsky Institute PHEI

Tutkovsky Institute PHEI acts as a contractor for the provision of innovative services of the TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources:

To the governments

Tutkovsky Institute PHEI also undertakes the functions of a general contractor on services provision to governments and production companies and performs the following:

  • Regional geological research;
  • Restoration and monitoring of the environment after exploration projects and mining;
  • Comprehensive services for the study and management of land and water resources and other alternative sources of energy.

In addition, Tutkovsky Institute PHEI provides services on:

  • Training and education:
    • Professional development programmes for oil and gas industry professionals in Western companies;
    • Development and holding of courses and training sessions by scopes and topics required by the customer, including training of the customer’s staff to work with the equipment and technologies of TUTKOVSKY and its partners;
    • Organization and giving seminars involving leading scientists, geologists and practitioners from around the world.
  • Organization and holding of scientific conferences and other informative events;
  • Preparation for release and publication of scientific, methodological and other professional literature, publication of materials of a customer in scientific periodicals of the Institute.