Creation of geological models of hydrocarbon deposits

Search and efficient production of hydrocarbons requires the establishment, periodical updating and analysis of digital, dimensional, structural and parametric model of hydrocarbon deposits. This objective is achieved through the integrated interpretation of seismic data, geophysical studies of wells, core petrophysical studies etc.

There is widely used the flexible, interactive modelling of the field structure, lithological component of the reservoir, further filling of geological model with petrophysical information.

Three-dimensional models of filtration-capacitive properties of rocks are specified within the additional exploration and exploitation of the deposits. The forecasting data are submitted as cuts and line horizon cards.

Availability of a flexible mechanism for management of the entire process ensures forecasting to create detailed digital models for both deposits with simple geological conditions and fields with complicated geological structure; it is the basis for calculation of reserves of hydrocarbons and development designing.

Geological models of deposits and their monitoring involve modern technologies and programmes of leading global companies, including Schlumberger, Paradigm and others.

The structural model of the deposit with seismic profile and downhole data


Examples of performance

1998 Lychkivsko-Novoselivska area


  • The first project made in Ukraine on dimensional seismic survey.
  • It resulted in the discovery of one deposit and three gas condensate beds.
  • There was proved the industrial gas content of Serpukhivsky and Visean complexes of the area.

Model of Lychkivsko-Novoselivska area

1999 Bogatoiska area


For the first time in Ukraine, the PSDM technology of deposits modelling was introduced; it greatly increased resolution of 3D seismic survey at great depths.

Profile of Bogatoiska area

2000 Bilska area


Using 3D seismic survey, the company, for the first time during few decades of exploration works, managed to build a structural-tectonic model of Serpukhivsko-Visean productive sector and localize paleo accumulation of Bilska anticline. Exploration drilling using 3D seismic data detected a new gas content, and discovered a number of oil and gas deposits.

Horizontal section of Bilska area

2005 Kobzivske deposit


Significant 3D seismic projects were undertaken. Kobzivske deposit with reserves of more than 40 bln cubic meters was discovered (the largest discovery during the independence period of Ukraine). Application of new technologies of geological and geophysical data processing allowed designing of development maps of oil and gas and their filtration and capacitive characteristics that significantly reduced the risk of drilling “dry” wells at deposit exploration and evaluation of its reserves.

Model of Kobzivske deposit