Technologies of the Tutkovsky Integrated Solutions Ltd.

The company is equipped with powerful computers and continuously updated certified software.

Processing of 2D/3D seismic data is performed with the use of FOCUS, GeoDepth software products (Paradigm Geophysics) and 3D Image Constructor – software for speed analysis and creation of dimensional images of seismic anisotropic media using GPUs; it is designed, patented and implemented by specialists of the company and Tutkovsky Institute PHEI. Processing and interpretation of data of gravity and magnetic surveys are performed using “Geosoft Oasis Montaj” software complex.

Integrated data interpretation of seismic, gravity and magnetic surveys, VSP, GDS and creation of geological models of a deposit is performed using PETREL (Schlumberger), VoxelGeo (Paradigm Geophysical) software products.

Hydrodynamic modelling of deposits and beds of oil and gas is performed using ECLIPSE software systems (Schlumberger).

Upon request of the mining companies, Tutkovsky Integrated Solutions Ltd. performs intensive development of modern automated banks of geological, geophysical and field information. The volume of received information equals to the tens of terabytes per year.

Increase of complexity of geological issued solved by the company imposes requirements regarding combining of the methods. Gravimetric and magneto metric researches in combination with 2D/3D seismic survey enable receipt of additional important information about the structure of the geological environment and its material composition. Gravity survey is carried out using high-precision gravimeters CG-5 AvtoGrav produced by the company "Scintrex Limited". Magnetic exploration researches are conducted using the precision field magnetometers "Anomaly". Gravimetric and magneto metric data processing in the field is performed with the programs "Geosoft Oasis Montaj".