The TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources is the operational centre of a wide network of partner enterprises; it brings together the interests of services and products suppliers and their customers – investors, production companies and various governments that implement projects and programmes that use natural resources. The services of TUTKOVSKY cover natural resources that are essential for the vital functioning of the people, such as energy, minerals, water and land.

TUTKOVSKY manages projects that use natural resources, provides such projects with the full package of services including necessary materials and the equipment and arranges the sale of products. Digital operating models, specially developed by TUTKOVSKY for all kinds of its services, allow for total optimisation of expenses in all packages of work during project performance, ensuring members of the partner network of the full transparency and predictability of their business.

TUTKOVSKY provides services to three customer groups – investors, production companies and governments. It is aware of the varying needs, their interdependence, necessity of cooperation and harmonisation of interests in the implementation of projects. With this knowledge, TUTKOVSKY creates a new model of business that is balanced and highly remunerative with the effective and efficient use of natural resources.

Taking the form of an international Hub allows TUTKOVSKY to establish a system of network cooperation, as well as numerous project consortia, that integrate the experience and production capacities of individual enterprises with the use of their high-tech products and services to meet the needs of their customers. The TUTKOVSKY partners are ecologically and socially responsible companies that share the ideas of corporate citizenship and sustainable development.

TUTKOVSKY's mission is to provide highly technological integrated solutions for the effective, balanced and investment-attractive use of natural resources that in respond to the challenges of the twenty-first century change the world for the better.

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