The second step (1999 – 2014)

Nadra Group of companies (Nadra Group)

Development and formation of the advanced Ukrainian service provider – Nadra Group, implementation of the full integrated complex of services covering all stages of the exploration and production of oil and gas. Competition in Ukraine with leading international service companies, discovery of 83 fields and oil and gas accumulations in Ukraine.

Creation of the higher educational institution of postgraduate education «Tutkovsky Institute» for advanced training of specialists of oil and gas and mineral raw complexes in Ukraine and abroad.

Implementation, under agreements with NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine», of projects on giving access to specified extracting company in foreign markets of oil and gas exploration and production. Search for objects, implementation of 22 projects in 12 countries. Extraction of oil in Egypt by the NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» – on one of the objects recommended by the Nadra Group.

Conclusion of agreements with leading highly specialized Ukrainian and foreign service companies on cooperation and implementation of many integrated projects both in Ukraine and abroad. Signing of the cooperation agreement with leading US service provider, Halliburton Company. The Nadra Group becomes the local partner of that company in Ukraine.

Creation and definitive formalisation of a network of enterprises/partners of the Nadra Group by the conclusion of the appropriate agreements and its presentation to the clients, who are leading Ukrainian and foreign production companies (Intercontinental Hotel, Kyiv, March 19th, 2013).

Transformation of the Ukrainian Nadra Group in the international company. The main line of Nadra Group business becomes not so much provision of services, manufacturing of instruments and equipment by forces of its own affiliated service and manufacturing enterprises as managing the implementation of projects involving a wide range of Ukrainian and foreign companies/partners. The Nadra Group becomes the operational centre and the leading contractor in the execution of various projects by forces of a branching network of the enterprises/partners.

Main events of the second step

1999 – 2000 Exploration and arrangement of the field with hard-to-recover reserves of natural gas in the western oil and gas bearing region of Ukraine (Transcarpathian).
2000 Initiation of work on the unification of Ukrainian geologists, organizational and financial support of the creation of All-Ukrainian Public Organisation «Ukrainian Association of Geologists». The Nadra Group becomes the general informational and financial partner of the Association.
2000 Elaboration of the concept of reforming geological industry of Ukraine according to market economy conditions; organizational and financial support of conducting the first Congress of geologists of Ukraine to discuss, approve and submit the said concept to the Ukrainian government.
2000 The first works on geophysical surveys of oil and gas boreholes using devices and equipment of a new generation and of own production.
2000 Creation of All-Ukrainian Public Organisation «Clean Wave» for surrounding medium protection.
2001 Organisation of the first party of geological and technological research of wells.
2001 For the first time, projects on the estimation of reserves of oil and gas fields were performed and detailed porosity and permeability models of the studied areas were built (according to the 3D data of seismic and geophysical studies of wells).
2001 Manufacturing and delivery to Kazakhstan of the well logging tools for study of open borehole, and also Microlog/ML and Caliper/CAL instrumentations.
2001 Acquisition and implementation of the advanced licence software Focus for processing and interpretation of seismic data (Paradigm, USA).
2001 Visit to Ukraine of Roberta Gris, the President of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), for the first time among the CIS countries a presentation of AAPG took place.
2001 All-Ukrainian Public Organisation «Ukrainian Association of Geologists» admitted to the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE).
2002 AUPO «Clean Wave» together with the Kyiv City State Administration held a scientific and practical conference «Kyiv and Kyiv Sea: problems of coexistence».
2002 Launching of sailing sport competitions for the purpose of its popularisation as being non-polluting.
2002 – 2016 Manufacture and delivery of the geophysical equipment in Azerbaijan (Socar, Black Gold Ltd., Salyan Oil Limited Ltd.) and Uzbekistan (“Uzbekneftegaz Corporation”) for the study of oil and gas wells: Complete sets of the digital heat-pressure resistant borehole instrumentation to study open borehole, borehole inclinometer tools, sonic logging tools Ø48 mm and Ø73 mm (SonicLog/BHC), complete sets of tools for a well perforating control, complete sets of calipers (Caliper/CAL) and radioactivity logging equipment (Gammalog/GR and Compensated Neutron-Neutron Log/CNL).
2003 Establishing, organisation of the financial support for the publication organ of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists of a journal «Geologist of Ukraine».
2003 Preparation and holding the second Congress of geologists of Ukraine: Lets save and multiply the heritage of the generations of geologists of Ukraine!
2003 – 2004 Execution, on the order of NAC, of works on the assessment of the hydrocarbon potential of prospective structures in Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Pakistan, and the advisability of investing in their development «Naftohaz Ukrainy». 3D seismic data processing and interpretation.
2004 Preparation of geological and geophysical information of 126 oil and gas fields related to SC «Ukrgazvydobuvannia», NJSC «Naftogaz of Ukraine» for the international audit of hydrocarbon reserves.
2004 By way of reorganization of CJSC «Institute of Applied Geophysics», the private higher educational institution of postgraduate education was created under the name of «Institute of professional development «Nadra», later renamed to the Private Higher Educational Institution «Tutkovsky Institute» (2008).
2004 Creation of party for the borehole seismic survey (VSP). Performance of the first project of a borehole seismic survey with the use of pulsed sources.
2005 Implementation of the project on the comprehensive processing and interpretation of seismic data on an area more than 300 sq km and the attributive analysis of reservoirs based on 3D seismic surveys data was performed.
2005 Modernisation of seismic survey expedition at the expense of magnification of a number of channels. The introduction of seismic acquisition system «Image» (Input-Output, USA).
2005 Modernisation of the computer centre, purchase of modern cluster and new software products.
2005 Implementation of the advanced licence software for the geological-economic conceptual analysis, optimisation and a detailed estimation of costs related to oil and gas exploration and production – Asset (IHS Energy).
2005 Organisation of a new seismic crew to study the low velocity layer.
2005 Creation of a new party of perforation (torpedoing) of wells.
2005 Performance of the first project on the intensification of oil and gas inflows from operating wells.
2005 Formation of the party for studies and work in the oil and gas wells in RF (Urengoy, Tumen oblast).
2005 Group creation on the study and diagnostics of the technical state of pipelines. Performance of the first project on the diagnostic of main gas pipelines by the order of the PJSC «Ukrtransgaz».
2005 Carrying out of dipmeter logging of wells in Kazakhstan (JSC «Kazpromgeofizika»).
2005 Full range geophysical well surveys by depth more than 7 km was held.
2005 Elaboration of the technical documentation and implementation of modular residential structures (mobile housing units) in conformity with the international standards of HSE.
2005 Comprehensive modernisation of the Kiev factory «Geofizprylad». Creation and introduction in production of new generation of digital well logging tools: modular string of digital geophysical tools of NN series, innovative multi-probe hardware-software complex of full-wave acoustic survey for the monitoring of hydraulic fracturing, etc.
2005 Entrance of the Nadra Group in the Central African Republic market (RSM Production Corporation) and of the Chad country (OPIC Africa Chad Branch) to select the oil and gas prospective areas and assess the resource potential of energy and minerals resources on the explored territory.
2005 Participation in the work of the Public Council at the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine; acted as the Chairman in 2008.
2005 Ukrainian Association of Geologists received a delegation of AAPG representatives: Kyiv was visited by the President of the AAPG, Dr. Peter Rose, and the President of the European region of AAPG, Dr. John Brooks, as official guests.
2005 Organisation and holding of reporting and election congress of the All-Ukrainian Public Organisation «Ukrainian Association of Geologists»: Deepening cooperation with international organisations and increasing the role of the Association branches. Association is the associated member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE), Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).
2006 Geological study of the territory of the United Arab Emirates and conducting geological and economic estimation of prospective structures.
2006 Acquisition and introduction into production of modern equipment for well casing inspection (Sondex, United Kingdom).
2006 Implementation of standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for field seismic expedition.
2007 Designing and publication of a geological map of the Ukrainian Carpathians in scale of 1:100 000.
2007 The first project on geophysical well surveys on off-shore drilling platforms in Black Sea.
2007 Manufacturing of the modern drilling rigs on the order of the leading companies of the world: Star Energy Ltd (United Kingdom), Oil and Gas Drilling Company «NAFTA» (Poland), Weatherford Drilling International Ltd. (Turkmenistan, Colombia), Max Streicher (Germany), etc.
2007 Implementation of the advanced licence software to interpret seismic survey data – Petrel (Schlumberger).
2008 Manufacturing honourable distinctions and awards of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists on the Mint of Ukraine.
2008 Organisation of the second seismic expedition; acquisition and implementation of the multichannel seismic station Scorpion (Input-Output, USA).
2008 Successful performance of the project of 2D seismic surveys in eastern oil and gas regions of Ukraine on order of Shell Exploration and Production, according to the world quality and HSE standards. A high estimate of work performance and inclusion of the Nadra Group in the list of the enterprises as the official contractors of Shell.
2008 Development and start of production of the first Ukrainian modular assembly of the integrated tool for geophysical studies of wells.
2008 Manufacturing and delivery of the stationary drilling rig into Poland, with load-carrying capacity of 450 tons (NAFTA S. A. (PGNiG Group).
2009 Complex analysis of transition zones of the of the shelf of Black and Azov seas for the purpose determinations of prospects of their oil and gas bearing capacity, elaboration of the methodological principles of their study with use of modern world practices.
2009 – 2010 The implementation of projects on forecasting, assessment of oil and gas producing potentials of shelf and water areas of the Black and Azov seas as well as elaboration of programmes of a geological examination, prospecting and exploration works on the licence subsoil areas of Ukraine on the order of companies from Austria (RAG AG), USA (Marathon Oil Company) and France (Total S.A.).
2009 Elaboration and introduction into production of the stations of geological-technical studies (CCD) of wells (Mud-logging).
2009 Creation and publication of the map “Oil and gas sector of Ukraine” with a scale of 1:500 000.
2009 Implementation of the first off-shore project of borehole seismic exploration.
2009 Signing of the contract on strategic cooperation with leading US service provider – Halliburton Company. The Nadra Group becomes the local partner of Halliburton in Ukraine.
2009 Implementation of the modern perforating systems Millenium of Halliburton production in Ukraine.
2009 Creation and introduction in production of the modern digital inclinometric tools – gyroscopes.
2009 – 2015 Manufacturing and delivery to Belarus of the complex geophysical instrumentation for study of bore-holes: integrated instrumentation of the nuclear logging (Gamma Log/GR and Compensated Neutron-Neutron Log/CNL), microlog (Microlog/ML), acoustic logging Ø48 mm (Sonic Log/BHC), calipers Ø73 mm (Caliper/CAL) and induction logging tools Ø73 mm.
2009 – 2013 Organisation and holding of the International scientific and technical conferences: Production and use of methane gas: “Attracting of investments” (Donetsk, 2009) and the assessment, extraction and use of unconventional gas resources: “Attracting investment” (Donetsk, 2011, 2013).
2009 Programme of training and retraining of staff of the Ukrainian research, service and production enterprises was initiated «Professional Development of Specialists of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Industry for the International Co-operation and Employment in Western Companies», in the context of which 35 lectures and seminars took place with engaging of the world oil and gas companies (Shell, Marathon, Vanco) and the international sectorial public organisations (AAPG, SEG, EAGE ).
2010 Implementation of the project on field seismic surveys with use of 3D technology in extreme mountain conditions in the Western oil and gas regions of Ukraine (Carpathians).
2010 3D seismic works were conducted and 3D model of underground gas storage was created.
2010 Organisation and carrying out in Ukraine the European Regional conference of the American association of petroleum geologists in partnership with the Nadra Group and Ukrainian Association of Geologists: 502 delegates of 212 organisations from 28 countries of the world. In total, in the organisation, the meetings of the conference were attended by about 600 people. The conference programme consisted of 229 oral and poster presentations.
2010 Publication of the first issue of the journal “Collection of scientific papers of the Tutkovsky Institute”.
2010 Manufacturing and delivery to Nigeria of the stationary drilling rig with load-carrying capacity of 600 tons by request of the KCA Deutag company.
2011 Organisation of the party of gravimetric and magnetic prospecting. Acquisition and implementation of the modern equipment Scintrex (Canada).
2011 Carrying out of high-precision gravimetric and magnetometric studies in the eastern region of Ukraine.
2011 Modernisation of the Kiev factory «Geofizprylad». Acquisition, installation and commissioning of the modern digital metal processing complexes (HAAS Automation Inc., USA).
2011 Manufacturing and delivery of the equipment to Germany for cleaning drilling mud on the order of the company Max Streicher.
2011 Elaboration and introduction in production of the digital instrumentation of own design NADRA-NN for oil and gas well logging.
2011 Manufacturing and delivery of spare parts to the Indonesian drilling rig on the offshore platform.
2012 Acquisition and implementation of the advanced licence software on hydrodynamic modelling of fields – Eclipse (Schlumberger). First project on hydrodynamic modelling.
2012 Conclusion of the agreement on cooperation and technological support with the United Oilfield Services company (USA).
2012 The own software for processing of seismic data on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) was developed and patented.
2012 Organisation of a range of lectures by the AAPG President Paul Weimer in Kiev: “New life for old fields” – management of the hydrocarbon reservoir; advanced methods of exploration of traditional HC accumulations; unconventional resources: shale and tight gas; the future of the oil industry.
2012 For the first time in Ukraine, on the Day of Knowledge, in the Metropolitan School # 256, Tutkovsky Institute and Ukrainian Association of Geologists opened a class of geology.
2013 Conclusion of a three-year contract with Shell Exploration and Production company on performance of field 2D seismic surveys in amounts of 2500 linear km on the Yuzivskyi block (Ukraine).
2013 Signing of a cooperation agreement between the Mongolian Geological Society and the Ukrainian Association of Geologists (Ulan Bator).
2014 Support of the accession of Ukrainian Association of Geologists to the European Federation of Geologists.
2014 Conclusion of the agreement on cooperation and technological support with the Warrior (Scientific Data Systems Inc., USA) to connect new well logging tools of the Nadra Group to the western data acquisition system and entrance of its well logging tools into the global market.
2014 Manufacturing and delivery of the stationary drilling rig into Kazakhstan.