Tutkovsky Project Management Ltd.


Nataliya Cherniyenko
General Director


Tutkovsky Project Management LLC provides to investors and production companies a management of their projects related to the use of energy, minerals, water and land resources, provides such projects with a full range of services, materials and equipment, and organize a sale of the final products.

TUTKOVSKY Project Management Ltd. carries out the management of integrated projects related to the study and use of specific kinds of energy (oil, gas, solid, combustible minerals), mineral (ore, non-ore and production wastes), water (groundwater) resources at the separate stage of exploration and development of deposits.

The company also provides services on project or program management (set of projects) on the assessment of the resource potential of certain types or groups of these resources and the economic feasibility of its development in certain countries (regions).

Besides, Tutkovsky Project Management Ltd. offers customers the management of investment projects on the study and use of land, water (surface water) and non-conventional energy resources.

To the customers which are not in contract relations with regard to project management TUTKOVSKY Project Management offers services in prospecting, exploration and development of energy (primarily solid combustible minerals) as well as minerals and underground water resources.

The cooperation of TUTKOVSKY with other companies resulted in the discovery of 83 new oil and gas deposits in Ukraine and in 22 projects being implemented in 17 foreign countries related to the different kind of energy and mineral resources as well as several ecological projects.



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Nataliya Cherniyenko

General Director at Tutkovsky Project Management Ltd.
Project Implementation Director at Tutkovsky Ltd.
Member of the Executive Committee of TUTKOVSKY PLC