The TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources is the operational centre of a wide network of partner enterprises, which merge their resources, competences, experience, technologies and production capacities. Service and product suppliers, through the integration of production, scientific, technical and organizational potential, seek to expand their presence in demand markets, thanks to the comprehensive service offerings, product range and their innovation.

TUTKOVSKY searches for new market opportunities for partner enterprises, determines what type of activities are necessary to take advantage of opportunities and builds a chain of partner enterprises to fulfil a specific order.

The International Hub, as a group of independent partners, acts before customers as the only supplier of services and products, regardless of the number of partners involved in the execution of the order. Upon completion of consortium formation from the partner enterprises, TUTKOVSKY takes over the management of the project, organizes the project performance, invests additional resources, and, in case of conflicts, it can change one project participant to another.

TUTKOVSKY promotes the organization of services and the manufacture of materials and equipment by the partner enterprises of the Hub. TUTKOVSKY organizes effective value chains composed of the partner enterprises by stage-by-stage placement of order and the purchase of component parts at various partner enterprises of the Hub to create the final product.

The partner enterprises of the International Hub can, at any given time period, be free of participation in the Hub projects or be engaged in part. Outside the projects of the International Hub, these companies act as independent market participants. They are included in these or other projects only when necessary and leave when there is no need for their resources and competence for existing projects of the Hub.

Complexity and a wide range of services and products in the implementation of projects on the use of natural resources is achieved by the TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources, thanks to the involvement of hundreds of specialized service and products suppliers in the performance of projects, including:

Suppliers of services and products affiliated with TUTKOVSKY PLC:

Independent suppliers of services and products:

  • Public organizations
  • Higher educational institutions
  • Research establishments
  • Design and engineering companies
  • Service companies
  • Production companies

The TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources enables customers to choose the best high-tech innovative projects, thanks to the access to innovative products of all suppliers in the partner network.

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