About the Tutkovsky Well Services Ltd.

Within the TUTKOVSKY International Hub of Natural Resources, Tutkovsky Well Services Ltd. bears the responsibility for fulfilling the agreements on provision of a full set of services for exploration and production projects on natural resources, especially oil and gas.

Obligated as a general contractor, the company, applying the opportunities of the Hub partners, organizes marketing and sales, takes part in tenders of the customers and signs contracts for all necessary set of services; based on transparent internal competition in the Hub, it attracts subcontractors, coordinates and supervises their work.

The company was founded in 1999 to research new technologies and operations in oil and gas wells. It has been operating in the market of geophysical services since 2000, in all regions of Ukraine, including shelves of the Black and Azov Seas.

Development highlights:

First geophysical researches of wells.

Organization of the first batch of geological and technological researches of wells.

Arrangement of the batch of wells perforation.

The first draft of the intensification of wells.

For the first time in Ukraine, geophysical surveys of wells at a depth of 7 km were conducted.

For the first time in Ukraine, the method of research of the technical condition of wells using Sondex equipment was used.

Implementation of the first project on geophysical studies of wells on offshore platforms.

Signing of Agreement on strategic cooperation with Halliburton in Ukraine.

Implementation of modern Millenium perforation systems.

The agreement is concluded with the Warrior (Scientific Data Systems Inc., USA) on cooperation and technological support.

An agreement on the cooperation and support with MOL Group (Hungary) was reached.

Performance of well logging and perforating jobs by applying technical means and materials of world leading manufacturers, including Halliburton.

Scientific and technical cooperation with the Hungarian company Geoinform Well Services Ltd.

Conducting a complex of well logging services by applying new appliances of own production and devices of foreign partner companies.

The high professional level of specialists of the company alongside the use of advanced technologies of work and modern geophysical techniques ensures quality and efficiency of operations and completeness of solving geological, technical and other issues of the customer.

In particular, it enabled the following:

  • To discover North Korobochkynske, Aksiutivske, Denysivske, Borove, Krutohorivske and other deposits;
  • In result of re-interpretation of GDS materials of old wells to detect new deposits of oil and gas of South Shevchenkivske, Maksalske, Sakhalinske, North Volvenkivske, Lychkivske, Marianivske, Olyvynivske and other deposits;
  • To justify the possibility of getting inflows from semi reservoirs and their distinguishing in the well section of Murativsk, Krutohorivsk, Kobzivsk, Vishnevsky deposits, West Shebelinska area;
  • To identify decompacted areas and determine the nature of their saturation in the Precambrian crystalline rocks. The results of these assessments were first used within the calculation of reserves of the Yuliivske deposit;
  • To define the low-resistivity productive layers in the wells No.14 – Ulianivska, No. 2 – North Korobochkynska, (Bashkirian stage), No. 61 – South Shevchenkisvka (Serpukhov stage), used to receive industrial inflow of hydrocarbons;
  • To identify the oil and gas items in low salinity of reservoir water, using technologies developed by TUTKOVSKY (acoustic and neutron sensing);
  • Using the results of re-interpretation of available geological and geophysical data of Seliukhivsk deposit to find out in a Visean carbon-bearing “slab” the intervals of oil-bearing rocks from which inflows of hydrocarbons are obtained and discover Denysivske deposit.

Experience of participation in large projects as the part of Nadra Group, providing mining companies with an integrated range of services for exploration and production of oil and gas, extensive international connections determine the readiness of Tutkovsky Well Services Ltd. to perform in the Hub the role of general contractor of the projects within the defined area of responsibility.