Services of the Tutkovsky Well Services Ltd.

Tutkovsky Well Services Ltd., acting as a general contractor, provides project implementation for exploration and production of natural resources, firstly oil and gas.

The set of services includes the following:

By own forces, the company provides all types of industrial and geophysical studies in wells, planning work and research in wells to address specific geological problems, processing and interpretation of the obtained geological and geophysical information, including:

  • A full range of research in open holes of deep and ultra-deep oil and gas wells;
  • A full range of geophysical research of coal, ore and other small diameter wells;
  • Control of trajectory and logging in inclined and horizontal wells;
  • Geological and engineering and geological and geochemical researches of wells during drilling;
  • Test of beds in the drilling process;
  • Perforations, including perforation at depression and perforation for tubing;
  • Monitoring of technical condition and quality of cementing of casing and tubing, including with Sondex devices in compliance with international oil standards;
  • Control over development;
  • Monitoring of wells;
  • Processing and interpretation of materials of wells research;
  • Reinterpretation of geological and geophysical data of old fund;
  • Justification of calculation parameters and calculation of oil and gas reserves.

Main tasks of Tutkovsky Well Services Ltd.:

  • Integrated geophysical surveys (including ultra-deep wells): it results in conclusions about the oil and gas performance of geological section;
  • Research of section sites of complex structure using special methods: type and parameters of reservoir are determined, as well as saturation character and there are provided testing recommendations;
  • Study of old wells to detect omitted oil and gas reservoirs: the performance is evaluated and recommendations are provided for testing of the detected hydrocarbon objects;
  • Perforating and blasting in wells: all types of perforation, including depression perforation, perforation in the tubing, perforation of high density and disruptive capacity, emergency works and others;
  • Complex of geophysical researches in current operating wells: the places of reservoir fluids, behind-casing fluid movements, outbursts of columns, profiles of inflows and others are detected;
  • Control over technical state of a well: it results in solving the whole range of tasks by each individual tube, coupling and perforation zones;
  • Reinterpretation of GDS materials and related geological and geophysical information about the old wells: recommendations are provided for testing the omitted productive layers;
  • Issue of GDS summary conclusions for the deposit: the parameters of productive strata are derived to calculate hydrocarbon reserves using volume method;
  • Determination of the elements of bed position and their heterogeneity: the structural constructions are refined, lithology is studied according to data of reservoir inclination.