Technologies of the Tutkovsky Well Services Ltd.

Within its operation, Tutkovsky Well Services Ltd. uses the innovative methods of oil and gas and coal logging both at open and closed hole. Works are carried out both on land and in wells drilled from offshore platforms. The company implemented new methods of geophysical investigations of wells with a set of devices, mud logging, 3D visualization of the technical state of casing, various options of perforations, specification of navigation parameters using high-precision gyroscopic inclinometer, including use for metal casing.

Experts of the company patented a number of ways to determine the geological and geophysical parameters of reservoirs successfully applied in practice.

The company has the technical possibilities for the special methods of wells exploration: inclination survey, multiple sonde and broadband acoustics, multiple sonde neutron sensing and others.

Works are performed with the complex of Sondex equipment for well-conditioned monitoring.

All types of perforating and blasting, including depression perforation, perforation in the tubing; perforation with the use of systems of high density and disruptive capacity; emergency works and others were also performed.