About the Tutkovsky Plant PJSC

The Tutkovsky Plant PJSC is specialized on the production of geological exploration equipment, drilling tools and spare parts for the oil-and-gas industry complex, as well as mobile wagon-houses of various sizes and modifications, modular facilities.

The founding of Romny’s first geotechnical production facilities in 1936 in Romny, and, in fact, the central repair shops for oil and gas equipment, was caused by a large geological discovery, which became an impetus for the development of the extractive industry of the East-European oil-and-gas province of Ukraine. After all, the extraction of the first and only oil in the then Soviet Ukraine in the Romny salt dome needed the manufacture of specialized equipment.

Before the Great Patriotic War, since 1938, on the territory of the «Tutkovsky Plant» there were workshops serving the Romny oil exploration and petroleum resources in the area of Herasymivka village.

During the occupation of Romny (1941–1943) in this territory the Germans organize a repair enterprise.

After the liberation of the city from the Nazi invaders there began work on the repair of a single building that has been preserved. Now this is the premises of the motor transport section. All other buildings and structures were destroyed. Already two months after the liberation of the city, the workshop resumed its work in one renovated premise with four machines and a primitive smithy with one forge hearth. Electricity was supplied from one oil engine A-22. The premises were heated with furnaces made of metal barrels. At that time about twenty people worked in this workshop.

The mechanical workshops were subordinated to the newly established in 1943 Ukrnaftopromrozvidka trust, which was located in Romny. By that time, the workshops were producing:

  • fasteners for mounting drill towers;
  • connecting flanges;
  • cutting of drill rods;
  • repair of oil engines A-19; A-22.

In 1945 there were renovated premises (to date, the mechanical section – shop # 2), which housed a mechanical and locksmith section, as well as accounting department. The number of workers and employees increased to ninety people. There were only seven metal-cutting machines and a pipe-threading machine, which was recovered using personnel own forces. There was mastered the production of Zalkin’s keys, spare parts for the V-8 pump, manufacture of files, high and low pressure valves, fishing tools, cutting of drill pipes.

Since 1946, there was conducted repair of boilers TMZ 82m for drilling; a forge was built.

In the years 1948-1950, the rapid construction of mechanical workshop’s facilities took place. For today, there were built the premises of the locksmith and welding shops, oxygen station, boiler house, compressor room, club. There was started manufacture of:

  • drilling rigs 20 m high;
  • compensators;
  • reservoirs of 10 m3 and 20 m3.

Drilling equipment repair was carried out. Mechanical workshops served the drilling cities of Izium, Shebelynka, Chernihiv, Chervonyi Oskol, as well as Moldova and Belarus. The number of employees increased to two hundred and fifty people. There appeared a mechanization of labour-intensive processes.

In 1953, after trust relocation in the city of Poltava, construction of facilities for mechanical workshops was stopped. Only in 1978, after the separation and subordination directly to the Ministry of Geology of Ukraine, construction was resumed. At that time, the enterprise was renamed into the State Pilot Enterprise of Oil-and-Gas Exploration Equipment (GIPNGRT), there was built workshop for the production of wagon-houses and facilities of social structure; partial replacement of equipment is being conducted.

In 1980, the General Plan for the reconstruction of the Plant was being developed, but the works that were started were not completed.

After dissolution of the Soviet Union, financing of all projects was withdrawn. Production volumes sharply decreased. The 1993–1996 years become very hard for the enterprise.

In 1997, the enterprise was renamed into Open Joint Stock Company «Pilot enterprise of non-standard equipment» (VAT «IPNT»»).

Since 1997, volumes of production are constantly increasing; range of products is expanded without changing the main direction of production.

At present, the Tutkovsky Plant PJSC specializes on manufacturing of the mobile wagon-houses of frame- and container types (on the basis of 20- and 40 feet maritime container) C-12 and C-20 profiled floorings, geological exploration equipment, drilling tools and spare parts for the enterprises of oil-and-gas industry.

Constant monitoring of demand for products of target markets, introduction of innovative technologies, personnel advanced training and rational management system contribute to the expansion of the geographical boundaries of the enterprise and the improvement of equipment produced here.

The total area occupied by PrAT «Tutkovsky Plant», makes 86 016 m2. The enterprise has the following production structure:

Shop # 1

The production of mobile wagon-houses. Total area – 1 800 m2.

Shop # 1 consists of the following:

  • preparatory department;
  • locksmith and welding department;
  • household and auxiliary premises. Area – 568.4 m2.

Also the workshop # 1 includes a woodworking section that has production rooms, premises for storage and drying of wood, subsidiary and household premises.

The woodworking section has an area for the manufacture of furniture, where the special equipment is disposed.

Shop # 2 (Machine shop)

Manufacturing of geological exploration equipment, drilling tools and spare parts for the enterprises of oil-and-gas industry. In the shop various works on lathe turning the materials are performed. Total area – 954.2 m2, including the production area, household premises and an instrumental pantry.

For its production activities, the workshop has a fleet of necessary technological equipment for cold working of metals and load-lifting mechanisms.

Shop # 3 (Locksmith and repair)

Production of profiled flooring of C-12 and C-20 types. Total area – 1383.8 m2, which includes production and household premises.