Products of the Tutkovsky Plant PJSC

Wagon-houses and modular structures

The Tutkovsky Plant PJSC is one of leading manufacturers of mobile wagon-houses of frame and container types (on the basis of 20- and 40-feet maritime containers) in Ukraine.

Wagon-houses of various special-purpose designations are manufactured:

  • household and taskmaster premises, security block-posts;
  • offices;
  • residential, country houses;
  • stores, kiosks;
  • wagon-houses on the chassis;
  • sanitary, warehouse;
  • hangars, modular facilities, etc.

Mobile wagon-houses are equipped with life support systems (lighting, water supply, heating, air-conditioning) and with furniture of own production.

At will of the customer, mobile wagon-houses can be installed on the chassis.

The design of wagon-houses makes it possible to arrange them in two floors or connect several objects to increase the usable area of the premises. This maintains the possibility to re-transport them to other facilities after their dismantling.

The sizes of mobile wagon-houses, their interior decoration and equipment of premises are discussed with each customer individually.

Delivery and installation of wagon-houses is carried out into all regions of Ukraine and in other countries. To simplify the loading and unloading of stationary mobile wagon-houses, they are additionally equipped with brackets that are placed on the roof and exclude the use of the traverse. Thanks to use of qualitative materials, mobile wagon-houses, when used properly, provide service life over more than 15 years. Throughout the period of service life, they do not require painting, have an attractive aesthetic appearance.

The Tutkovsky Plant PJSC is specialized on the production of geological exploration equipment, drilling tools and spare parts for the oil-and-gas industry. The list of basic equipment includes:

  • modified cement float valve TsKOM – M-114 (127; 140; 146; 168; 178;194; 219; 245; 324) with connecting threads OTTM, OTTH, etc.; which is intended for continuous self-filling of the casing string, lowered into the well, by washing fluid or cement mortar from annular space in the course of its cementing and as the limit stop of the separating cementing plug;
  • shoe of the column BKM-114 (127, 140, 146, 168, 178, 194, 219, 245, 324) with connecting threads OTTM, OTTH, etc.; intended for the arrangement of bottom of a casing pipe for directing a casing column on a well bore, stiffening the lower end of the of a casing string and protect it from damage during their lowering into the well.

Production of profiled flooring C-12, C-20

The profiled flooring is made from the galvanized rolled steel and steel with a polymer coating of leading Ukrainian and foreign metallurgical concerns: PrAT «MMK named after Illich», «Severstal», «Mittalsteel», «Arcelor Mittal», «MARCEGAGLIA», etc. that allows to ensure the production of high-quality products. Profiled flooring is used in construction in the manufacture of enclosures, fences, canopies, walls, partitions, roofing of residential and industrial premises, hangars, and workshops. Its advantages are as follow:

  • light weight;
  • economic efficiency – does not require frequent replacement, because the average service life is 50 years;
  • ease of installation regardless of the time of year;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • resistance to any weather conditions, convenient transportation;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • aesthetically attractive appearance, wide colour gamma.

In addition, there is manufactured a full range of additional materials for arranging the roofing, facades and fencing: crest, drip moulds, snow barriers, angles exterior and interior, decorative trims, wind barriers and many other things.